As part of Southern Nevada Archaeology Speaker Series, The Lost City Museum presents an artifact identification workshop in cooperation with the State Historic Preservation Office. The workshop will take place July 7th 2018 at 2:00 p.m. Join us at hands-on activity stations that will teach ten participants to identify archeological and historic artifacts. Space is limited so call to reserve a spot today. Reservations can be made at 702 397 2193.

Dr. Samantha Rubinson, who will be leading the workshop, is the Nevada Site Stewardship Coordinator and southern State Historic Preservation Office representative. The Nevada Site Stewardship Program (NSSP) is a state run organization of volunteers that share a commitment to the preservation of archaeological (at least 100 years old) historic (at least 50 years old) and paleontological resources.

 Want to know more? 

Contact Mary Beth Timm, 702-397-2193 x 26