Artist Showcase

Artist of the month

Kim Delgadillo is a retired band and orchestra teacher. Moapa Valley has been her home for over 40 years. She taught in the Clark County School District for 35 years. Kim got serious about painting after she retired in 2019. It’s become a hobby as well as a passion. Kim enjoys taking workshops and learning new techniques. She hopes to expand her medium to oils soon.

In January of 2023, Kim was elected president of the Moapa Valley Art Guild. She is blessed with a wonderful group of officers. The Moapa Valley Art Guild has been in existence since 1959. Kim hopes to carry on the traditions of the Guild as well as start new ones. The most popular tradition is the Pomegranate Festival which happens in the first part of November. It is a huge undertaking but a rewarding one.

This is Kim’s first solo show. She is grateful to the museum for the opportunity to have such a show. Lost City Museum has always held a special place in her heart.

Kim has been married to Armando Delgadillo since 1986. They have two adult children, wonderful in-laws and four beautiful granddaughters.