Pre-contact Domestic Dog in the Moapa Valley

June 15 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Learn about pre-contact domestic dogs in the Moapa Valley.

Presented by Archaeologist Virginia Lucas, the Domestic Dog talk will feature:

· Domestication of the dog

· Earliest dog burials in North America

· Dog burials from Dr. Mark Harrington’s Pueblo Grande de Nevada excavations

· Possible uses of dogs in the Moapa Valley

· Post Lecture Q&A

About LCM’s Virginia Lucas

Virginia is originally from Lebanon, Tennessee, but she moved to Las Vegas in 2015 where she is currently a PhD Candidate in the University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ Department of Anthropology, specializing in zooarchaeology. She is also the Curator of Archaeology at the Lost City Museum in Overton, Nevada. Virginia’s work in zooarchaeology has allowed her to work throughout both the Southeastern and Southwestern United States. She also has co-directed a field school in the Transylvania region of Romania. Currently, her research focuses on the subsistence practices of the Lowland Virgin Branch Ancestral Puebloans. In her spare time, Virginia is an avid landscape and wildlife photographer, and you can often find her with a camera in hand.


Adults – $6 

Children (17 and under) – Free

Museum Members – Free

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