Hot & Dusty Fine Art Invitational

Hot & Dusty 2023

The 2023 Fine Art event has been postponed. We will return with the Photography Invitational in August 2024.

“Wild Nevada” 2022

People’s Choice: “Dinner Date” by Virginia Lucas

Artist Choice: “Ragnar in the Desert” by Christian Alvez

Staff/Docent Choice: “Wild Stallion Zorro and Company” by Nancy Florence

The Hot & Dusty Photography Invitational returned in person to the Lost City Museum for its fourth year. This annual installation of photography followed the theme “Wild Nevada,” featuring animals great and small that live in the beautiful Silver State.

Sixteen artists lined up to participate in the H&D 2022 celebration and exhibit. The invited artists, from all over the state, featured photographs from Angela Hagfeldt, Carla Ehmann, Christian Alvez, Jerome Tauson, Kathryn Martel, Laura Benedict, Laura Mertz, Lisa Streeter, Loesje Lindberg, Mellissa Whittaker, Nancy Florence, Sandra Swan, Shelly Allen, Steve O’Melia, Tanya Stafford, and Virginia Lucas.  The photography invitational ran from August 3 through 31, 2022, with the closing reception on August 27.

“Celebrate Nevada” 2021

People’s Choice: “Driven by the Love of Tradition” by Heidi Leavitt

Artist Choice: “Side Street in Virginia City” by Lynn Rigoni

Staff/Docent Choice: “Driven by the Love of Tradition” by Heidi Leavitt

Best Sculpture: “Brave” by Jana Ward

The Hot & Dusty Fine Art Invitational returned to the Lost City Museum for its third year. This annual installation of fine art allowed residents of Moapa Valley to connect with local, internationally acclaimed, artistic talent. This year’s theme was “Celebrate Nevada,” a sentiment that resonated with area residents as normalcy returned to post-pandemic lives. It incorporated what it meant to live and have pride in the state of Nevada. The theme also allowed residents and artists to romanticize and actualize pre-pandemic activities. At the same time, it was an inward reflection and an embodiment of joy.

Twelve artists were lined up to participate in last year’s celebration and exhibit. The invited artists were representative of a diverse and inclusive Nevada. Returning last year (in alphabetical order) JD Challenger, Gig Depio, Nancy Glazier, Heidi Leavitt, Ken Kaylor, Lynn Rigoni, Tammy Symmons, and Janet Trobough. New artists joining us are Brent Holmes and Q’Shaundra James.  It ran from August 4 through 31, 2021 the event’s closing reception was cancelled due to the rise in COVID-19 cases in southern Nevada.

“The Beauty of the American Southwest” 2020

In 2020, Lost City Museum invited photographers with a connection to Moapa Valley to showcase their artwork following a theme of the “Beauty of the American Southwest.” Ten artists displayed gorgeous landscapes, portraits, and one cut paper submission. These photographs were entered into two contests: people’s choice and Staff/Docent choice awards.

Members of the public voted online and in person on their favorite photograph. First place for public choice went to Kris Zurbas’ “Sunset through a tree.” Second place was awarded to Kayla Doty’s metallic photograph titled “Backcountry.” Third place was awarded to Nicholas Yamashita for his “Soaring” mixed media photograph. Award winners for the Staff/Docent choice were Virginia Lucas’ “On the Highway to the Valley of Sand and Stone” (first place) and Kayla Doty’s “Backcountry.”

“Hot & Dusty” 2019

The Hot & Dusty Fine Art Invitational started in 2019 with the intent of bringing fine art to a rural community. Jana Ward, Guest Curator, organized local, internationally acclaimed participants. During its initial run, weekend programming and a closing reception helped to double museum membership. Each weekend, galleries were alive with laughter and stories as artists shared their philosophies with the public.

The vision of the exhibit was to increase the credibility of Lost City Museum as an art venue, visibility of the museum, encourage new membership, and assure that the show was a positive experience for the artists who were involved. These goals were met and exceeded  through a closing reception that hosted over 90 members from St. George, Utah to Las Vegas, Nevada. Three awards were given out that evening. The People’s Choice award was given to Susan Perez’s “Room with a View.” Artist’s Choice was awarded to Ken Kaylor’s “St. Thomas.” Staff and Docent Choice was awarded to both Ken Kaylor’s “St. Thomas” and JD Challenger’s “We the People.”