Lost City Museum hosts Hot & Dusty Art Invitational



June 25, 2019

Contact: Guy Clifton, (775) 687-0646


Lost City Museum hosts Hot & Dusty Art Invitational

OVERTON, Nevada – Something new is being blown into the Lost City Museum during the hot and dusty days of August.

The museum’s docents are organizing an art exhibit to show off the tremendous artistic talent that is an integral part of the Moapa Valley community. Starting Aug. 1, the museum’s Fay Perkins Gallery will be the venue for an exhibit of some of the finest artwork done by artists with a connection to Moapa Valley.

The Lost City Museum, known as one of Nevada’s premier public museums, has had a long relationship with the presentation of community art. Fine local and regional artists have had an opportunity to display their artwork on the museum walls for years.  The gallery space created by the museum provides a valued venue for artists to show and sell their work. One of the guidelines given to the artists is that the art displayed in the museum supports the museum’s overall mission and image by displaying Southwest themed subjects.

By creating the Hot and Dusty Fine Art Invitational, the Lost City Docents support the ongoing art program by assuming the responsibility of organizing and sponsoring what it plans to be an annual summer art event. The inaugural exhibit is offering what Moapa Valley residents already know to be true – the valley is a hot-bed of artistic talent and artistic appreciation. The artwork for this exhibit comes from the hands of current highly regarded regional, state, national and internationally recognized artists with tangible connections to Moapa Valley.

Ten artists were invited based upon their broad artistic name recognition, acclaim through gallery shows, and through creating award winning art pieces. The art on display will not be sold and instead entered into internal award contests. Artists are invited to sponsor a day, hold workshops, host lectures or question and answer sessions at the museum.  For a full list of events and activities, visit the Lost City Museum’s website ( or Facebook page (

The invitational will culminate with a Hot August Night on Aug. 23 at 6:30 pm. This exclusive after-hours reception will have free admission, paid for by the Docent Council. Museum visitors will still have until Aug. 30 to view the pieces.


Artists featured in the initial show include:

Jd Challenger:  Challenger’s paintings tell the stories of the Native American people through oils, watercolor, acrylics, and mixed media. His work is offered in many of the finest galleries throughout the west.