Nevada Old + New = Cool at the Lost City Museum

Nevada Old + New = Cool at the Lost City Museum in Overton, Nevada

Exhibition on Display July 1 through July 31, 2019



 June 30, 2019 —LAS VEGAS Nev., –  Nevada Old + New = Cool is an exhibition that brings together a group of artists who are inspired by southern Nevada. Utilizing traditional and historical methods and materials each artists explores new ideas and “cool” places. View Nevada through the lens of historic and contemporary stereoscopic photographs, drawings, stone lithography, and mixed media artworks created by Samantha Forbes, Anne M. Hoff, Bobbie Ann Howell, Bryan McCormick, and Krystal Ramirez. This group exhibition is curated by Bobbie Ann Howell, of B.E.S.T. Arts 4 U Studio in Las Vegas, and will take place at the Lost City Museum in Overton, Nevada.

“The opportunity to have this work at the Lost City Museum and in Overton, Nevada where people have gathered along the waterways throughout history is of particular interest to the artists in this exhibition.  Connecting to this place and all the people who travel from across the globe to experience the landscape and cultures past and present of this region of the Mojave Desert, it a unique privilege.” says Bobbie Ann Howell.

Samantha Forbes and Bryan McCormick share their photographs of downtown Las Vegas and the greater Las Vegas valley using vintage stereo cameras that were popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s, Documenting changing seasons, stormy days, and lesser known neon, they show a perspective of Las Vegas rarely seen by vacationers.   A stereoscopic photograph consists of two photographs, of the same view, taken from two slightly different angles, placed side by side and when viewed through a stereo viewer appear to show the illusion of three-dimensional depth of field.

Anne M. Hoff employs drawing and traditional stone lithography to create works that are inspired by the beautiful forms, spaces, and textures of the Nevada landscape.  Krystal Ramirez, uses typography and language throughout her work, employing labor-intensive craft and repetition, she constructs unfinished thoughts as text works for her audience to read and consider. Bobbie Ann Howell, drawings and cut paper compositions reflect influences from the geology, light and shadows, patterns and textures, the landscape, our shared history and current events that surround us each day. Take a journey along Lake Shore Drive, or through the Valley of Fire, explore these places and find your way to the Lost City Museum.

 The Lost City Museum is located at 721 S. Moapa Valley Blvd., in Overton, Nevada. The museum is open daily from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Admission is $5 per person, and children are admitted for free. The Lost City Museum actively engages people in understanding and celebrating Nevada’s natural and cultural heritage. For more information about the Lost City Museum visit:


Contact at Nevada Humanities:

Bobbie Ann Howell, Artist, B.E.S.T. Arts 4 U Studio,, 702.812.7839


Contact at the Lost City Museum:

Jessie Davie, Museum Attendant II,, 702-397-2193